Day 11 – Land of the Lustrous, Kemono Friends, and the Year CG Anime Got Good

“Didn’t you basically just make a video on this subject?”

“Yeah I did, but I planned these out before planning December’s videos so what can I do?”

“I dunno, come up with a different idea?”

“At this point? I’m already rushing to even finish these alongside all the other writing I’ve assigned myself. I hardly have time to come up with a totally new idea that’s important enough to fit into day 11.”

“Okay, so like, I get that, so why are you doing this pretentious dialogue instead?”

“Because it’s relatively easy and I have the time to do it. Initially, I was going to try and make this post into a short story of sorts but I hardly have the time for that right now. If I take part in something like 12 days, I’m going to finish it and I’ll do what I have to in order to do so. Anyone reading this will have already seen how lazy and blatantly pretentious my other posts are anyway.”

“Why did you decide to do weirder posts anyway?”

“Number 1, it’s easy to write a lot of them in a short amount of time, especially the poems. Number 2, I got annoyed that people don’t consider my writing to be art just because they contain criticism, but I realized that if half of my stuff was in verse, there was no way not to view it as art. So really this is just one giant subtweet of people who disagree with me on the scope of art.”

“Alright, that sounds very petty.”

“It is.”

“So what are you doing for your final post?”

“Well it

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