Day 10 – Yama no Susume and the Value of Surprises

It’s been a while since I got a chance to look over the horizon and see a show that totally surprised me. I thought I was already well over that hill, seeing as my knowledge on the anime industry has increased to the point that I know a decent amount about most shows I intend to watch. Sure, my backlog might be a massive mountain that I won’t be clearing any time soon, but I have a pretty good sense at how I’m going to react to most the shows on it.

I thought Yama no Susume was a show I would give a 7 or so. It just looked like any ordinary slice-of-life; not a peak and not a valley, just a fun show but nothing special. I’m pretty happy to have thought that, as it made the magnificence of the show all the better. The first season basically was what I thought it would be, but the second stood out as a pinnacle of this sub-genre. This is particularly true for the Mt. Fuji arc, which showed a massive range of emotions and a shockingly high amount of depth for a slice-of-life show. So anyways, it’s cool to get surprised by shows. Hopefully that can continue to happen even as I learn more.


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