[Script] The Politics of Gatchaman Crowds

Gatchaman Crowds is a very interesting anime. For one thing, it stands out among most shows that air in a given year, not only having political dimensions to it but actively attempting to say something about the world and how it’s shaped by people as political actors. It uses the framework of a tokusatsu-esque hero show to question what heroism really means, how much power individual people could have and should have, and the ways that technology will inevitably shift democracy and the way we interact with the broader world. These aren’t ideas anime has never explored before, but the way it does so is unique, and even doing so is pretty uncommon in the first place.

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[Script] The Most Disastrous Anime of Winter 2018

I feel like, in general, my taste leans towards valuing writing over production. That’s not to say I don’t care about production of course. Just a month or so ago I put out a video on why Violet Evergarden’s production makes it a pretty great show. How a show looks and feels is obviously something important to me. But a glance at my favorites will indicate that the writing, especially the character writing, is really what I’m looking for in the average anime.

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[Script] The Rise of Yuri Fandom with Sailor Moon

In my last video on the history of the yuri genre, I left off in the early-to-mid 70s, where Class-S and the Year 24 Group had led to the creation of a new genre. At the time, it was mostly seen as nothing more than a certain form of shoujo manga and hardly had widespread recognition. Today, it’s time to look at where the name yuri came from, how the genre spread to other audiences, and how it became an entrenched part of otaku culture.

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[Script] Debunking 5 Yuri Misconceptions

I think it should be fairly clear to everyone at this point that yuri is a genre I know a lot about and have a great interest in. In many ways, I see my role as being an ambassador to yuri. It’s a part of the community which has been historically underrepresented in the discussion of anime and manga, particularly on YouTube.

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[Script] In Defense of Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden would seem to be a very well-liked series. If you merely look at its score on MAL, which is well above most airing shows, it would easily seem to be quite beloved. Given that this is a decent picture of the community at large, I can’t really contest it. What I can say is that in all the places I actually spend my time, Violet Evergarden is hardly the critical darling that it seems to be in the wider anime fandom. Many aspects of it have been criticized, some fairly and some unfairly. While it’s not my favorite show of the season, I do like it quite a bit, so I feel like I should do the job of defending the series.

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[Script] Alienation, Depression, and Dysphoria – Serial Experiments Lain

It’s been said before that Serial Experiments Lain is a show that takes four watches to truly comprehend. Twenty years after its production, the show still seems in many ways prophetic in regards to the course of development that the internet would take, identifying future trends that most wouldn’t catch onto for years to come.

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