Day 4 – Just Because and Learning to be Quiet

The leaves fall
Anime is watched
Lips don’t open


Bokura no Hentai and Queer Communities

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Bokura no Hentai is one of relatively few well-regarded manga that focuses on trans issues. We all know that trans people haven’t always fared that well in the realm of anime and manga, a subject I’d like to revisit in the future, but this manga, alongside a few other such as Hourou Musuko and Hanayome wa Motodanshi, has gathered quite a bit of acclaim, both within the trans community and in the manga sphere in general.

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Day 2 – Pokemon S&M, a Return to My Childhood

Going back to my childhood, it’s easy to pintpoint the decision that put me on my current path. I was 5 or 6, living in Wichita, Kansas at the time, and I had a Gameboy Advance SP that I had gotten for some reason or another fairly recently. I decided that I wanted Pokemon, which many of my friends had, so my mom took me to a game store and I got a used copy of Pokemon Ruby. The previous owner’s only decent Pokemon was a Blaziken and they were near Fortree City when I reset the game.

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[Script] Why a CG Show is Anime of the Season

Until this year, CG animation was something I saw as mediocre at best. We can all point to Berserk 2016 as the worst example of what could happen but even significantly better-looking CG anime turned me off. The best example of this is the shows done by Polygon Pictures, such as Knights of Sidonia or Ajin. They don’t look awful but they’re somewhat off-putting and end up in the uncanny valley territory for me.

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[Script] How 3-gatsu no Lion’s 2nd Season Gave Us the Best Episode of Anime this Year

3-gatsu no Lion, also known as March Comes in Like a Lion, is a show which fluctuates in quality. While it’s usually very good, it often falls back to its fundamentals, delivering an episode which is more mediocre than anything. That said, it delivers frequently enough and with enough strength that it’s managed to become one of my favorite shows this year even with some hiccups.

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