Top 25 Anime

This is out of date. Very soon I’ll be making a Top 30 post, so if you read it bear in mind that nothing here is still applicable. 
I’ve been a fan of anime for a while now, but I’ve never put together a post with all of my favorite shows, so here’s my first attempt. This is obviously all my opinion, as is everything else I write. I plan on updating this post whenever another anime makes it this far up my list. For the sake of this list, I’ll be consolidating all seasons, movies, and other parts of a series into one, assuming they’re in the same continuity. Without further ado, let’s start the list.

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Spring 2016 Anime: What I Dropped and What I Finished

Spring wasn’t the best season I’ve ever experienced. While I went in with high hopes I only finished 5 of the single cour shows I started that season, and of those I only thought of 2 or 3 as memorable. I enjoyed part 4 of Jojo as well, but that’s ongoing and won’t be included in this. However as I said, I did think of multiple shows as memorable, and I felt like writing something so I decided to finally sit down and talk about what I thought of all the shows I watched last season. I’m going to start with shows I dropped after 3 or more episodes, and then go into shows I put on-hold and then shows that I finished.

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Gundam 0080 and the Immaturity of War

Gundam 0080 starts off happily enough. The main character, Al, just wants to see some Mobile Suits and other souvenirs of the war. And who can blame him? Giant robots are cool, and the surviving popularity of Gundam and the mecha genre as a whole show this as plainly true. For a young kid on a neutral colony, there’s no reason not to be interested in the far-off One Year War. War is spectacle.

Of course, the war doesn’t stay far away for long, but that doesn’t bother Al much. Once Zeon shows up he quickly befriends a Zeon pilot named Bernie, and seeing his Zaku just makes him more obsessed with the idea of the war. He goes as far as to help the Zeon team sneak in to find info on what the Federation is developing. After all, if he does this he wins in two ways. He gets to see the cool, new Federation Mobile Suit, and he gets to work alongside the cool Zeon soldiers. And they are cool, possessing numerous powerful firearms, combat experience, and their own prototype Mobile Suit. Al is just a kid after all, and he doesn’t feel like he’s in much danger by helping the Zeon forces help out, so he has no reason not to do so. War is cool. Continue reading “Gundam 0080 and the Immaturity of War”