[Script] The Rise and Fall of Anime’s Biggest Underdog

It was one of the most monumental underdog success stories in the hundred years which make up the history of anime. A mixed-media project, its accompanying game had already shut down due to lack of players. The simplistic CGI turned-off myriad would-be watchers, something which would leave any ordinary show as mere roadkill. Yet it continued to claw its way out from the jaws of defeat, quickly becoming the most popular anime of Winter 2017, only challenged by long-running mainstays for dominance over the entire year. A promising future could be seen on the horizon as millions of fans worldwide waited for more content with baited breath. And then, just as suddenly as with its meteoric growth, everything fell apart. Its director was fired, the public was enraged, and the sun which had been rising on the horizon quickly went out. This is the story of Kemono Friends, its inspiring struggle for success, and the disastrous decision that ruined it all.

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[Script] The 5 Yuri Anime You Probably Haven’t Seen

Well, it sure looks like you enjoyed my seasonal yuri recap video. In fact, you enjoyed it so much that it’s frankly hard to justify not making more of them. Given how many views it got, I’m getting the sense I should be making more yuri list videos, even outside the realm of seasonal round-ups. So here we are, with a new video focusing on 5 anime that I’ve decided though my arbitrary criteria are underwatched and yuri enough to be recommended to fans of the genre. I could be totally wrong here and you could’ve seen all of these but I doubt that’s the case for most of you. Many of these have been recommended on my channel before but hey, might as well start here and make more as I come up with other titles that are worth recommending, especially since I won’t be making full videos on most of these anytime soon.

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