Day 12: My 2017 Recap or Growth and Finding a Community Online

2017 was an absolutely massive year for me, in many ways. I suppose it makes sense that the year where I turn 18, technically making me an adult, is important, but so much more has happened than I could’ve ever expected. I have no doubt that many things which went on in my life during 2017 will have a massive influence on my life long term. In this post, I’d like to recap many of the major things that happened to me this year, in non-chronological order, and end by stating what I’d like to get done in 2018.

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Comparing the 2 Kino’s Journey Adaptations

Given that there are two adaptations of Kino’s Journey, it’s only natural to compare them. The original Kino’s Journey has long been a cult classic within the anime community, so announcements of a revival were obviously met with a mix of skepticism and excitement. With a totally new staff people were worried and looking at it now, it’s easy to see why. The new show is popular enough but negative comparisons to the original are everywhere. I’ll be upfront here: I prefer the 2003 adaptation. That said, I still enjoy the 2017 version quite a bit and I’d like to explore the specific ways in which the two releases differ.

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Day 10 – Yama no Susume and the Value of Surprises

It’s been a while since I got a chance to look over the horizon and see a show that totally surprised me. I thought I was already well over that hill, seeing as my knowledge on the anime industry has increased to the point that I know a decent amount about most shows I intend to watch. Sure, my backlog might be a massive mountain that I won’t be clearing any time soon, but I have a pretty good sense at how I’m going to react to most the shows on it.

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Yuri Visual Novel Review: SeaBed

For full disclosure, I played this game using a free review copy provided to me by Fruitbat Factory.

Seabed is a yuri mystery visual novel, developed by Paleontology Soft and published by Fruitbat Factory. It primarily focuses on the story of three women as they go about their daily lives. These women are Sachiko, an introverted lover of books, Takako, an energetic woman who rarely thinks before acting, and Narakaski, a childhood friend of the two who meets Sachiko again as a psychologist. The central thrust of the plot is Sachiko’s grieving after Takako’s disappearance. From there, the story unfolds.

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