I go by Zeria. All my life I’ve enjoyed writing, primarily about things I enjoy, so after two years of watching anime I decided I needed to start blogging, and this blog is my first attempt. I like to think I’ve come a long way since my first posts on this blog, though you can be the judge of that.

My mindset in regards to this blog is very focused on personal experience. I write in a way that comes across as stating facts, but it should be clear that everything I’m expressing is purely my opinion. I don’t see a real point in making it clear in the text that my opinions are subjective, so I don’t make that clear.

I have a huge preference for slice-of-life shows, as well as shows with primarily female casts and shows with queer themes. Themes about ostracization or social alienation resonate with me particularly strongly, though I tend to like shows about social commentary in general as long as it doesn’t fundamentally disagree with my own ideology.

I don’t tend to care much for how deep a show is. Something as light as Aria or as symbolism-laden as Utena can appeal to me, and I don’t tend to care much about that when selecting shows to watch. Execution of themes matters far more than the “depth” of the themes, so it’s not something I pay much attention to.

The rate at which I watch anime is far slower than I’d like it to be, which reduces my output on this blog. My frequent rewatching of shows makes this harder. Oh well.



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