[Script] Anti-War Themes Throughout Gundam

Mobile Suit Gundam is an absolutely massive franchise. To cover all of the entries, or even all of the main themes that the series ever tackles, would be an absurd undertaking. Perhaps one I’d be willing to do at some point but right now I’ve only seen a limited selection of Gundam anime and that won’t be changing any time soon. At the same time, it’s an incredibly important franchise, one which shaped the entire medium. The core themes of the series are worth investigating, even if not in a strictly chronological sense wherein we go through all of the various shows.

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[Script] Sailor Moon’s First Director Captures the Hardship of Trying Your Best

Sailor Moon had three directors across its entire run and all of them were fantastic. The first of those, Junichi Sato, was already established as a great director of kids’ anime by that point. His ability to delicately handle manga, fleshing them out while also sticking to their core, is amazing. Sailor Moon, of course, showed this off the best, as most of the episodes in that series are entirely original but he’s demonstrated this time and time again in the period since. His sense of how episodic and disconnected events can build upon characters is wonderful.

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[Script] Revisiting Steins;Gate 4 Years Later

Steins;Gate 0 is right on the horizon. At least, it was when I wrote this, it should’ve already started by the time you’re watching this video. Knowing it was coming soon, I decided to revisit the original series. The first Steins;Gate was an early favorite of mine but I hadn’t seen it in over 3 years. Like many shows I cared about back then, I was curious to see how I’d look upon it with my current tastes and sensibilities and 0’s arrival gave me a perfect excuse to rewatch the show.

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[Script] The TOP 20 Yuri Manga for Non-Beginners

In my last video, I covered 10 yuri manga that I think are excellent for beginners to the genre. In this one, I’ll be covering 20 that I believe are worthwhile to those who are already somewhat immersed in it. Here, I’ll be showcasing works which are lesser known, shorter, or just more out there. For those who want more tailored works, ones which are less likely to appeal to everyone but more likely to strike a specific person’s taste, this is the list for you. The ranking here is more for convenience than it is for quality or order, though the lowest ones are generally my favorites. Editing this will be a pain, so let’s stop wasting time and begin.

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[Script] The TOP 10 Yuri Manga for Beginners

As I said in my video on Citrus last week, I’ve read a lot of yuri manga, most of which I’d call better than that series. It’s an expansive genre despite being relatively niche until quite recently. As such, it can be hard for beginners to know where to look if they’re interested in more works. Citrus drew many more eyes to yuri than ever before and I think it’s worthwhile to point these people to series which might allow them to sink deeper into this genre I’m so invested in. As such, I’ve prepared a list of 10 great yuri manga for beginners, of varying tastes, and I’ll be following this up next week with another list of 20 manga for those who’ve already got a foundation. Without further ado, let us begin.

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