Yearning for Yuri: Tamamusi

So far I’ve been focusing on specific manga in this series. I’ve been sure to bring up the mangaka behind them since it’s important to spotlight creators of material like this, but I’ve still had a sole focus on individual manga so far. This week I’m going to cover one mangaka as a whole, an up-and-coming yuri mangaka by the name of Tamamusi.

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All the Games I Want to Play are Too Long

I think everyone can accept the fact that they have limited time on their hands. This tends to lead to the prioritization of certain hobbies, something everyone does all the time. At the same time, most people have multiple hobbies that they move between, preventing serious boredom with their main hobby by varying things up every once-in-a-while. As should be obvious, anime and its surrounding culture is my main hobby and interest, and most of my free time gets devoted to it. As is normal for people my age, gaming is another hobby of mine, one that I’ve enjoyed ever since I was a young kid. Unfortunately, I’ve run into a major issue over the last few years: almost all the games I want to play are long.

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The Appeal of the Nasuverse

Type-Moon’s Nasuverse is home to some of anime’s biggest franchises and yet its appeal seems lost on many people. The works within this universe, such as Fate/Stay Night and Kara no Kyoukai are frequently derided as poorly written, chuunibyou trash that’s lacking in any real depth. To be honest, those criticisms aren’t wrong, but they do fail to understand why these works appeal to people. The Nasuverse is popular because it’s appealing on an aesthetic level and because it’s so vast that it’s easy to hook people with the many subjects and genres it spans.

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Yearning for Yuri: Hanjuku Joshi

I like to spotlight adult-focused manga in this series, but yuri is a genre dominated by schoolgirl settings. It would be nice if adult-focused stuff began to occupy a bigger part of the market and a shift in that direction is occurring, but it’s going to be a long time until that makes up the majority of the genre. For now, anyone who wants to read yuri has to accept that schoolgirls are a part of the genre that isn’t going to go away. And so today, I present a wonderful high school yuri story by acclaimed mangaka Morishima Akiko: Hanjuku Joshi.

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What Do You Want Out of A Sequel?

I just watched Diebuster, and I was incredibly pleased with it in every way. It was just a fantastic Super Robot show, one that blended truly amazing visuals with fun characters, hype moments, and a simple plot. It reaffirmed how good Gainax once was, and it really made me happy that I’ve started to go back and look at a bunch of classic anime. But what stands out the most is how it’s a sequel to Gunbuster, a show I had watched just one day before, and the ways in which it managed to be a satisfying sequel to a show widely regarded as one of anime’s great classics.

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How Much Should I Care About Views?

It’s a question I’ve been asking myself for a while. My traffic has been steadily increasing for a while but it’s really ballooned over the past month, to the point that my viewcount this month is already more than ten times what it was in January. I’m happy that more people are reading my work, but it’s forcing me to ask some questions about why I write and who I write for.

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Why I Love It: Kyousougiga and the Power of Love

Kyousougiga is a show about love. Love can come in many forms, but Kyousougiga focuses on two in particular: familial love and self-love. Kyousougiga is a very focused show, committed to showing how the power of love influences one family, and how that family influences the world around them. It’s a show that focuses on love as a powerful force, and this begins with its focus on the individual characters.

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Yearning for Yuri: Collectors

I’m back with some more adult-focused yuri. This time I’ll be focusing on a fantastic 4-koma manga: Nishi Uko’s Collectors. Collectors is a great manga to start with for those looking to get into yuri that features adults, primarily because it’s not that long and somewhat silly while still focusing on serious, adult issues. It’s centered entirely around adult women and does a great job at being both a yuri series and a queer narrative in general.

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A Place to Start: My Best Posts

So you’ve recently found my blog, or you’ve been here for a while and want to look at some of my past work. I understand that it can be hard to navigate through all of my posts, and plenty of my past stuff is pretty garbage, so I don’t really want anyone to read it anyway. For that reason I decided to make this post, cataloging my favorite posts and providing short descriptions of them, an idea I stole from Thoughts That Move.

Here’s how this will go. I’ll link to a post or a series of posts that I think are worth reading, and below I’ll give a short description of what the post is about and why I think it has value. The ones which I think are particularly valuable will have their titles in bold and a star next to the title. The order will be roughly chronological. Let’s get to it.

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What Makes Some Bad Shows Fun to Watch?

Almost everyone enjoys something that’s “so bad it’s good” from time to time. It’s a common activity everywhere, including in the anime community. This season I’m watching a show like this myself, sitting down every week to mock Eromanga-sensei with a friend. Making fun of bad shows is a good way to get enjoyment out of something that is otherwise unenjoyable. It serves a valuable role in expanding the amount of content you can consume, while also giving you a different way to enjoy media. Unfortunately, not all bad shows can be made fun of.

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