Rambling Thoughts on Re:Zero

Re:Zero is a show that perfectly encapsulates how frustration towards certain overplayed tropes and cliches can affect my enjoyment of a show. Re:Zero is a show with a lot of very interesting themes and ideas, from its challenging of the general tropes of isekai and sekaikei shows to its shitting on Subaru for being an entitled “Nice Guy” who expects love and adoration from the girl he’s obsessed with just for being nice. But in order to address these things, Re:Zero had to partake in the tropes it criticized, which unfortunately dragged down my experience of the show.

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Fall 2016 Hopes and Expectations

2016 has been a good year to be. One of my top 10 shows, Amanchu aired this year, we got more Aria, and I’ve given an 8 to at least one show every season, which is far better than usual for me. Fall doesn’t look quite as good as Summer, but it has plenty of great-looking shows, and I plan on starting nearly every non-sequel. I’ve narrowed down the list of shows I’m checking out to the ten I’m most anticipating.

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Politics Aren’t Fun in Classroom Crisis

The idea of politics being a dirty game abused by those on top to maintain their power is hardly a new idea, in the real world or in fiction. Politicians, and by extension the businessman who control the politicians through their own political games, are rarely looked upon in the most favorable of lights. Anime doesn’t directly touch on this very often though, as while anime is quite political in its themes, it rarely deals with politics as such. Classroom Crisis is one of the few shows which does touch on these things, and it does so fairly well.

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