The Zeria Reader

I’m a pretentious person, so it’s only natural that I make a post dedicated to what I think my own best pieces are. If you read/watch all of these, you’ll have a decent understanding of my method and ideology. It is, of course, constantly undergoing revision and is sorted into self-evident sections. I hope you enjoy.

The Personal:

Alienation, Depression, and Dysphoria – Serial Experiments Lain

On The Rules of the Game and Complacency on the Brink of Death

The Critical:

Anti-War Themes Throughout Gundam

Kunihiko Ikuhara: A Revolutionary Director of Anime

The Yuri You Need: Seabed

The Best Ongoing Yuri Series – Nettaigyo wa Yuki ni Kogareru

The Journalistic:

Stop Spreading Conspiracies about Anime Staff, Assholes

The Rise and Fall of Anime’s Biggest Underdog

The One-Man Yuri Animator You’ve Never Heard Of

The Actual Problem with Anime Subtitles

The Ideological:

Anime Should be(and is) Political

The Anti-Anime “Left” is Garbage and Here’s Why