[Script] Kunihiko Ikuhara: A Revolutionary Director of Anime


Do you spend a lot of time in critical anime circles? Do your friends talk about shows that range from Eva to Aria to The Tatami Galaxy to Urusei Yatsura? Are your discussions the kind where anime is often talked about in terms of its impact on the medium or its value from various perspectives on literary criticism? Alternatively, do you spend your time in queer or feminist circles? Are Sailor Moon, Yuri on Ice, and Wandering Son considered sacred texts in the places you frequent?

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[Script] The Devil of Regret – Kanbaru Suruga

Kanbaru Suruga is a character defined by regret. That might not sound like an uncommon statement to use in regards to a Monogatari character. Hitagi regrets her inability to save her mother and play the perfect daughter. Mayoi regrets her early passing and the foolish acts that led to it. Shinobu regrets the monstrous decisions she’s made in her centuries as a vampire, the many killings and betrayals, the simple horrifying boredom of it all. This is a series where regret is the norm, a crushing weight that every one of our characters must somehow lift themselves from.

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