Fall 2016 Week 12 Recap

Not much to say. Got that Monogatari post out which makes me feel accomplished. Top 10 of the year coming out either on the 31st or 1st. These posts are continuing into the new year, but it might be weird since there’ll be a bit of a break before the winter shows start, but I’ll figure something out. Enjoy.

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Why I love it – Monogatari’s Characterization

The Monogatari series is far from perfect. It’s a show which is overly sexualized, overly wordy, and overly indulgent. I can hardly watch two episodes without groaning at some minor aspect of it. Despite that, it’s managed to become one of my favorite anime, even through multiple watches. What makes the series so enjoyable and valuable in spite of all the flaws is the characters and their interactions.

What makes Monogatari stand out among many other shows is that unlike many similar dialogue-heavy light novels, the show possesses strong character voice. The many important characters in Monogatari are meaningfully unique people who are more than archetypes, and this comes through in the show’s many conversations. The dialogue is always full of unique interactions that lead to one of the most memorable casts in anime. I’ll go through all the important characters thus far to explain why they mean so much to me.

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Fall 2016 Week 11 Recap

This post is a bit later than usual, mostly due to my penchant for falling behind on weekly anime, but it’s finally done. In addition, my post on Monogatari is finally done and typed up, and only needs a pass or two more alongside image additions to be published at long last. I took way too long on it, to the point that I just didn’t care about it for a few weeks, but I’m very happy to have it close to completion. Now I just have to work on a Simoun essay and 2016 top anime list. The only rest I get is due to procrastination it seems.

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Fall 2016 Week 10 Recap

The year’s really rounding out now, and it’s going strong. I’ve put on hold or dropped nearly two-thirds of what I started this season, but what I’m left with is very solid, and I’ll still enjoy many I go back to. I remain convinced that this is the best season I’ve ever seen, and nothing could make me happier. Other than, of course, the fact that I finally finished writing my Monogatari essay. It’ll take some editing, but I can at least promise now that it really will be out soon, and having that weight off my back makes me feel great. Enjoy.

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