[Staff] Stop Spreading Conspiracies about Anime Staff, @ssholes!

Let’s move our minds back to the Fall of 2016. It was a fairly busy season, with many works standing out among the more casual audience alongside those who are more critically-minded, including Yuri on Ice, Haikyuu, and 3-gatsu no Lion. 3-gatsu is a work which stood out as particularly noteworthy to me, something which should be made clear by the video I just put out. Even beyond those, there were a number of lesser known but still interesting works. Occultic;Nine boasted a bizarre style that drew many eyes, Izetta the Last Witch offered fun action set pieces and a notably gay relationship, and Hibike Euphonium delivered its second season at long last, for better or for worse. But, of course, there was another notable anime airing that season: Flip Flappers.

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[Script]3-gatsu no Lion is Beautifully Painful

I just finished rewatching the first episode of March Comes in Like a Lion and it would be hard to describe the experience as anything other than pure torture. Rewatching anime is something that comes naturally to me, or at least that’s been the case for the past few years. It helps me to confirm that my feelings on a show are lasting, not an example of how hype can blind me in the moment. It allows me to relive a series I’ve come to love, which is always a good use of my time. And it helps confirm my opinions, allowing me to understand a work more deeply, something which is often vital to my ability to write about a piece of media. As I’ve said before, I don’t truly consider a series a 10 unless I’ve watched it at least twice.

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[Script] Darling in the Franxx’s Politics aren’t Just Bad, They’re Nonsensical

Look, Darling in the Franxx has bad politics. While you might disagree if you’re someone who tends to empathize with more traditionalist social values, most who range from the center to the left would have at least a minor problem with its prescriptions on how the world does and should work, particularly in regards to gender. But that’s not all that interesting to me. I’ve spent the last 6 months reading people in my circles complain about it and those complaints are almost entirely valid but they’re also remarkably dull at this point, utterly lacking any spark. A full video on that alone would be a simple rehash and given that I’m interested in improving my content, that’s not something I’d be willing to make.

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[Script] The 5 Spring 2018 Yuri Anime You NEED to Check Out

Outright yuri anime aren’t particularly common but anime with some degree of yuri in them certainly are. From light subtext to lesbian side-characters, the genre has at least a bit of representation in every season of anime, though not always in a positive sense. That said, it can be hard to know which shows have some amount of yuri without watching all of them and it can be even harder to know which works are actually good from that selection. So, I decided that in my role as the foremost yuri anituber, I may as well make a round-up of yuri this spring season. Given that I hardly had the time to watch and finish everything, I will be relying on knowledge from others for a few of the shows I’ll be talking about.

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