Upcoming Changes to the Blog and my Media Consumption

I haven’t made a post in a little while, and there’s a number of reasons for that. I spent the last week on Spring Break, mostly paying Persona 5. In order to do that I put a TV in my room, and that combined with my 60 or so hours of P5 made me realize that I needed to make some massive changes to my media consumption, and with it some changes to this blog.

The biggest change is that I’m dropping weeklies. I’m still going to watch seasonal anime, but probably in 4-6 episode chunks for the shows I care about, and all at once for shows I care about less. For a long time I’ve been considering this, though I tried to deny it as can be seen in this post. It’s just draining to watch shows every week, and it subtracts from the time I have to watch older anime that I really want to watch. It slows my ability to work on the various projects I want to, so it just isn’t worth it to keep it around.

I’m also getting rid of my schedule, and with it the Aria posts. I will continue to rewatch Aria, but the way I had to watch it in order to write about it three times a week was harming my enjoyment of it, which sucks since it’s my favorite series. The schedule is just stifling, so I’m done with it.

So, it’s time to get to my specific plans for the future. I fully intend to post at least two posts every week, though I probably won’t quite be able to do that every day. I’ve got a number of specific essay projects that require research or a lot of watching in order to complete, and with my new plans it should be easier to actually work on those, which is definitely pleasing. Here’s a small selection of my future project ideas(these are subject to change or never coming out):

  • Iyashikei essay Re-do(with research)
  • Throwback Attack(watching A LOT of old anime)
  • An Essay on Char Aznable, now that I’ve seen all the Early UC Gundam anime
  • A Manga Time Kirara Research Piece

I’m working on more but those are some chief ones I’m thinking of right now.

I’m also working on stuff that’s not directly related to this blog, but might be of some interest to those who read it. I’ve started scanlating some abandoned yuri doujinshi, and the first one I’ve been working on is likely to release fairly soon. My Japanese isn’t yet at the level where I can do informative translating(interviews and such), I feel like I’m at the level where I can take a Japanese manga and make it into English, though I’m sure I’ll be making some errors.

Games might also get a bit more focus on here now that I have a more viable way to quickly play games.

Overall, there’s going to be a somewhat major shift on here, though the content I really value — my essays and such — will keep coming out as usual. I’ve got an essay ready to come out real soon, and I’m sure I’ll be able to write more quite quickly. I also plan on making some aesthetic changes, but we’ll see how that works out.


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