Yuri Archive

This is to serve as an archive for all of my yuri content, which has quickly become a main part of my blog.

A Post About Octave – This is an early one on the yuri manga Octave. It’s just here for completion’s sake, wait for my Yearning for Yuri on the series.

Why There Isn’t Enough Yuri Anime – A look at some of the dynamics surrounding yuri anime and our lack of it.

How One Magazine Came to Dominate the CGDCT Genre – The history of Manga Time Kirara, a magazine known for having high amounts of yuri subtext and crushes.

What Value does Yuri Subtext Have in Anime? – A look at how yuri subtext functions in anime, how it gets looked at, and what value it has in terms of positive representation.

Princess Principal isn’t Yuribait: Why You Need to Quit Saying Subtext – Using Princess Principal as a key example, I look at how the terms subtext and yuribait are overused, and how they contribute to heteronormativity by holding queer couples to a higher standard.

My Favorite Ships Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 – Exactly as it says, a look at all of my favorite ships. The vast majority are yuri, hence its conclusion on this list. This is broadly self-indulgent, but the final part has some decent analysis of a few of the ships.

The 6 Good Summer Yuri Anime that aren’t NTR – A video on the many good anime with yuri elements that aired during the Summer of 2017.

Report on the Yuri Fandom Demographic Survey – A data report for a survey I ran of yuri fandom as a whole.

Healthy Sexuality in Flip Flappers and Kase-San – A look at the way that both works portray queer sexuality in a healthy manner, though in different ways.

Flip Flappers and Identity Formation – A video on the way Flip Flappers handles Cocona’s identity formation, particularly her realization of her queer sexuality.

Don’t Throw Class S Out Entirely – A slight defense of the Class S genre, not for its current quality but for its massive historical value.

Yuri isn’t Made for Men: An Analysis of the Demographics of Yuri Mangaka and Fans – A follow-up to the survey wherein I look at the broad demographic trends for yuri as a whole. As it stands, this is the definitive piece on the subject.

The Prodigy Animator Behind One of the Best Yuri Shorts – A look at rapparu, the animator behind Kanamewo, a fairly well-known yuri music video.

Yuri Visual Novel Review: SeaBed – A look at the yuri mystery VN SeaBed, which turned out to be one of my favorite games in 2017, which was a great year for games.

Yearning for Yuri:

A series which covers yuri that I think is worth looking at, though not all of it is necessarily something I’d consider good.

My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness



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