Fall 2016 Week 5 Recap

I fell behind this week, but thanks to a four-day weekend I managed to pull through and catch back up. I’ve spent a lot of the last week formulating plans for writing projects that could take months to complete due to the necessary research, but it’s fun to embark on new adventures. For now I’ll just work on writing my Monogatari article and keep delivering these recaps. Enjoy!

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Fall 2016 Week 4 Recap

This was quite a good week. The season continued to be strong to the point that the number of shows I’m watching is a burden, but it’s a blessing as well as a curse. I got a lot of my Monogatari re-watch done and should be finishing that up this week. I love the series, but it’s so dialogue-heavy that trying to watch it successively can be a bit of a slog. Kizu part 2 was great as expected. Anyways, here’s the shows:

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Fall 2016 Week 3 Recap

Writing these takes an awfully large amount of work, though I suppose that’s mostly due to how many shows I’m watching, so I only have myself to blame. Anyways, this was a pretty good week for anime. I should be watching Kizu Part 2 by the time this post comes up, so next week should start off well. I’ve been rewatching all of Monogatari for an upcoming essay, but it’s taking a bit longer than I expected so there might be a long break between my soon to release essay and the Monogatari one. That’s enough talking about my plans for now, let’s look at this week’s shows:

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Fall 2016 Week 2 Recap + Week 1

Seeing how many shows I’m watching this season(16, and it’ll be 17 if I pick up Keijo), I figured now was as good a time as any to start writing about shows weekly. Making dedicated posts is too much work though so I figure I’ll just do a weekly recap. Weeks start on Mondays by this schedule, so Week 2 goes up to October 16th. Series will be ordered based on my current ranking of them. No pictures this week as I hadn’t decided to do this yet, but they should be here from next week on.

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Fall 2016 Hopes and Expectations

2016 has been a good year to be. One of my top 10 shows, Amanchu aired this year, we got more Aria, and I’ve given an 8 to at least one show every season, which is far better than usual for me. Fall doesn’t look quite as good as Summer, but it has plenty of great-looking shows, and I plan on starting nearly every non-sequel. I’ve narrowed down the list of shows I’m checking out to the ten I’m most anticipating.

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