Day 2 – Pokemon S&M, a Return to My Childhood

Going back to my childhood, it’s easy to pintpoint the decision that put me on my current path. I was 5 or 6, living in Wichita, Kansas at the time, and I had a Gameboy Advance SP that I had gotten for some reason or another fairly recently. I decided that I wanted Pokemon, which many of my friends had, so my mom took me to a game store and I got a used copy of Pokemon Ruby. The previous owner’s only decent Pokemon was a Blaziken and they were near Fortree City when I reset the game.

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[Script] Don’t Look Down on Kids’ Anime

It’s a common sentiment that those outside the anime community see the entire medium as made for kids. I think it’s quite possible that this attitude is shifting alongside anime becoming more mainstream, but it’s not like there’s no truth to the idea. Animation has traditionally been seen as a medium made for children, with the sole exception of comedies. This perception has influenced anime, particularly in the West where the medium is much less popular.

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