Top 30 Anime

A little under a year ago I published a list of my Top 25 anime. While it was accurate at the time, it’s been a while, and my opinions have certainly shifted in that period. I’ve watched more anime now, so I figured I might as well raise the number, and here I am with a new and improved Top 30. Most shows could shift up or down a few points based on my whims, and there are plenty of shows that would likely rank on here if I rewatched them, but there’s no helping that. I’ll never watch everything I love within a few years. This is the most accurate list I can make for myself right now, and I hope you enjoy it.

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Why Don’t People Watch Old Anime?

Anime is a medium with a fairly long history. Compared to other visual mediums it’s had a somewhat short life, but it’s older than the vast majority of its fans, and over the years a lot of it has been made. Many of anime’s best works are more than ten years old, and yet many won’t watch anything made before Code Geass. At best, some will watch Eva and Cowboy Bebop, before returning to newer shows, satisfied with having seen “the good shows from the last millenium”.

It should be obvious that I don’t agree with this perspective; there’s a ton of good anime from the 20th century and the early 2000s, and yet much of it goes unwatched. I’d like to examine the reasons why people don’t watch old anime, and offer up reasons why they should start doing so.

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Top 25 Anime

This is out of date. Very soon I’ll be making a Top 30 post, so if you read it bear in mind that nothing here is still applicable. 
I’ve been a fan of anime for a while now, but I’ve never put together a post with all of my favorite shows, so here’s my first attempt. This is obviously all my opinion, as is everything else I write. I plan on updating this post whenever another anime makes it this far up my list. For the sake of this list, I’ll be consolidating all seasons, movies, and other parts of a series into one, assuming they’re in the same continuity. Without further ado, let’s start the list.

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