Total Eclipse of the Eternal Heart – BL Manga Review


Released by Seven Seas Entertainment, Syundei’s Total Eclipse of the Eternal Heart centers one Hoshino Terumichi, a young man who’s fallen in love with his classmate, Yamada Omihito, a boy he describes as a “devilish beauty”. Teased in school for their apparent relationship, Hoshino enjoys spending time with Yamada, but constant nightmares of boys being murdered at the hands of a man named “Sensei” plague him. Things take a turn when Hoshino realizes that Yamada may have more connection to his dreams than first expected…

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Maiden Railways – Manga Review


Asumiko Nakamura’s Maiden Railways, newly-published in English by the recently-founded Denpa Books, tells a number of short stories, all of which revolve around girls and trains. These vignettes, which universally include romantic feelings but cannot quite be called romances, vary incredibly, from the story of a lesbian who broke up with her girlfriend, to a man who finds himself playing with model trains in a cake shop every Thursday night, to the tale of a woman who left her husband for his younger brother, or so we’re led to believe. None of these narratives go exactly as we’d expect, sometimes not even as we’d hope, and yet they’re incredibly rewarding and emotional, thanks to Nakamura’s powerful art and intense storytelling.

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Beauty and the Beast Girl – Yuri Manga Review


Released by Seven Seas Entertainment, Neji’s Beauty and the Beast Girl translates that tale as old as time into yuri form. The main character, a monstrous woman named Heath, spends her time away from others, as she’s met nothing but trauma in past interactions with humans. One day, however, a young woman named Lily happens into her territory. Lily is blind, and so Heath is able to feel more comfortable with her, opening up and quickly falling in love. But will the relationship work out when Lily learns Heath’s true nature?

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Yuri Is My Job! – Volume 1-2 Review


Released by Kodansha Comics in the West, miman’s Yuri Is My Job! is a new yuri manga with lots to offer. Main character Hime is obsessed with her image, putting in massive amounts of effort so that she can impress others enough to slack off for the rest of her life. Unfortunately for her, she bumps into another girl going home one day, and with her arm injured, that girl ropes her into working at ‘Cafe Liebe’, a maid cafe of sorts with the theme being that of an all-girls’ school, particularly the sort you’d see in Class S-inspired yuri such as Maria-sama ga Miteru. Unable to get out of it as a result of blackmail, Hime tries to make the best of her experience, but various complications arise in her attempts…

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