Winter 2017 Week 12 Recap

4 shows ended this week, and 2 more are ending next week. In addition, Spring season is starting. I binged The Eccentric Family in order to watch the sequel, so I’m pretty excited about that. It’s always sad to see a season go, and I actually quite enjoyed winter quite a bit, especially compared to last year’s winter. Next season isn’t likely to have any shows I like as many as my top shows this season, but I hope we get one. I have a few shows from this season to binge real quickly just for completion sake, but outside of that I have to keep working on the backlog. It’s a grind but it’s a fun one, so wish me luck.

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Winter 2017 Week 11 Recap

This week saw the end of one series, and the penultimate episodes of many more. It wasn’t as happy overall as last week, mostly due to the influence of Kemono Friends, but overall it was still a pretty great time. As the season winds down I’m shifting into other anime while preparing to marathon a few of the ones that I missed. I’m likely to watch less shows next season, but I often say that before picking up shows in the middle of the season, so who knows. Either way, I have a lot of thoughts on this week’s shows, and here they are.

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Why I Still Watch Seasonal Anime

Watching anime at your own pace is almost always a better experience. Every show has a different sense of pacing and should be watched a different rate, but for the most part I don’t want to watch only one episode of a show per week. In spite of that, I continue to watch weekly anime. That’s got a number of disadvantages that I’ll go into, but it has a few positives, and it’s those positives that stop me from totally switching to just my backlog.

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Winter 2017 Week 10 Recap

This was an oddly happy week of anime, and I have no problem with that. I am worried though, since such happiness with a few weeks to go can be a worrying sign. One show finished this week, and more will be ending shortly, so hopefully I’ll be able to watch the show’s I never picked up this season once most of my currently watching shows are done. If everything goes according to plan, I’ll be watching a few less shows next season, though we’ll see as the month goes on. As always, we’ll start with Rakugo, which remains the season’s premiere show.

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Winter 2017 Week 9 Recap

My birthday was yesterday, and it was pretty damn good. That’s not super important though. This was another good week of anime, and a pretty good week of writing as well. My next Why I Love It is totally done and ready to be published on Saturday. I really like this one and I hope others enjoy it as well. I’ve also got more Aria posts coming out on the same schedule, and I plan to get started on a number of new essay ideas, including a Nier: Automata essay. Look out for all that and more in the future, but for now enjoy my thoughts on this week.

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Winter 2017 Week 8 Recap

It’s late, mostly because Nier: Automata sucked up a week of my time. It was well worth it, and there should eventually be a post on here about it, but it did get me a little off schedule. Fortunately I now have time to build a buffer and get back on track, but this and a few other posts will be a bit later than I wanted. Besides that I really only watched these shows this week, so what you see here is my whole anime experience for the week. Enjoy.

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Winter 2017 Week 7 Recap

This was a good week. I dropped Bang Dream, less out of hatred than out of mild boredom, but I picked up Kemono Friends, and that was certainly a worthwhile trade-off. I’ve got a new project beginning with a write-up on Saturday, and if all goes well another project will be starting on Sunday. I’ve finally got a schedule worked out that allows multiple posts every week, and I’m pretty excited with my writing in general right now. My anime watching rate might go down now that I can play Nier: Automata, but I’ve got a big enough buffer now that I’m not worried. Look out for my new stuff, and enjoy my thoughts on this week.

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