Winter 2017 Week 5 Recap

Finally, I’m on track for once. I’ve got a post waiting for its final revision, hopefully going up this weekend, and a plan for more essays on the way. My anime watching speed is picking up for real this time, and my “Why I Love It” project is well underway, alongside the shows I watch for fun. Basically, this week was great for me, and hopefully I can keep saying that from here on out. This week was pretty great episode-wise too, so enjoy my thoughts.

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Winter 2017 Week 4 Recap

I didn’t write as much this week because some of what I wrote was deleted, but oh well. I managed to finish the show I was watching for my next actual article/essay, which’ll be out within two weeks. I’d like to increase my rate of posting “real” posts, but it might take a little setup to do that, so I can’t promise anything. Anyways, I hopefully will be adding Precure next week, so look out for that.

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Winter 2017 Week 3 Recap

Once again fallen behind, but that’s part of the experience at this point. I’ve been working on a lot of plans in the background in that time, some related to this blog and some not, but I don’t want to spill the beans on them in fear of never completing them. I do want to get these out on the right day, but I can try to correct that next week I guess.

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Fall 2016 Week 11 Recap

This post is a bit later than usual, mostly due to my penchant for falling behind on weekly anime, but it’s finally done. In addition, my post on Monogatari is finally done and typed up, and only needs a pass or two more alongside image additions to be published at long last. I took way too long on it, to the point that I just didn’t care about it for a few weeks, but I’m very happy to have it close to completion. Now I just have to work on a Simoun essay and 2016 top anime list. The only rest I get is due to procrastination it seems.

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Fall 2016 Week 10 Recap

The year’s really rounding out now, and it’s going strong. I’ve put on hold or dropped nearly two-thirds of what I started this season, but what I’m left with is very solid, and I’ll still enjoy many I go back to. I remain convinced that this is the best season I’ve ever seen, and nothing could make me happier. Other than, of course, the fact that I finally finished writing my Monogatari essay. It’ll take some editing, but I can at least promise now that it really will be out soon, and having that weight off my back makes me feel great. Enjoy.

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Fall 2016 Week 8 Recap

No Sangatsu this week, which is a major shame. In brighter news, I finally managed to actually motivate myself to watch anime again this week, and so I can finally stop procrastinating my anime watching, which should force me to actually get my Monogatari post out. It’s been a while since I posted an actual essay or article, but I’m eager to do so, and if I continue to actually be motivated to watch anime now, I should have a lot more posts coming soon.

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Fall 2016 Week 7 Recap

This week I put Fune wo Amu on hold. The show just isn’t really my kind of show, and put me off in a few too many key ways for me to keep watching it during the season. Like the rest I intend to get back to it, but who knows when. Other than that this week was fine. I want to put out non-recap content, but I’m really struggling to watch more anime than my weeklies right now, and the manga I’m reading are for a long term project that I’m nowhere near completing. Pokemon Moon is taking up my life which doesn’t help. Anyways, let’s look at this week’s shows.

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