[Script] Yuri’s Gender-Defying, Freedom-Focused, Sci-fi Anime

If you had to convey freedom in one symbol, in one motif, in one theme, how would you do so? Would adulthood represent freedom, the ability to make your own decisions? Would it be represented by a car, making it possible for you to go wherever you can on land? Or would it be an open field, where you can continue running in any direction? All of these are totally valid ways to portray freedom. It only makes sense that such a nebulous concept can be seen in a million different manners.

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[Script] How the Best Yuri Couple in Anime History was Made

Today, Nanoha Reflection is arriving in American theaters, after its release half a year ago in Japan. With that, the Nanoha series has refocused on its original leads after leaving them as side characters at best in anime for the last 10 years. Don’t get me wrong. I love the Vivid girls and I particularly love Vivid Strike, even though that show made a point not to display Nanoha or Fate. But I fell in love with the show that was entirely carried by the narratives of those two characters, so I’m incredibly happy to see them finally return in anime form.

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[Script] Why Winter 2018 is an AMAZING Season for Anime

Like all seasons of anime, Winter 2018 is contentious, and whether or not you’re a fan of it seems to come down to one specific thing: how much you’re a fan of slice-of-life. There are of course other popular anime this season, with genres ranging from mecha, to absurdist comedy, to good old isekai, and even to yuri. But, and I’m certainly biased in saying this, many of Winter’s best shows are slice-of-life, and those who dislike the genre could easily end up watching half as many shows as I would this season.

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[Script] Stop Calling Everything a Madoka Rip-off!

Comparisons between Yuki Yuna is a Hero and Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica are incredibly common, both in more casual circles and in more critical ones. It’s easy to see why. On a surface level, they bear a lot of similarities, especially to those who aren’t particularly immersed in the magical girl genre. They’re both fairly dark series with plentiful twists and vaguely similar aesthetics. Given that they’re part of the same subgenre, it’s only natural that comparisons would arise, which isn’t a real problem.

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[Script] Aria: The Greatest Anime Ever Made

It’s often said that nothing is perfect and generally, I agree. Everything has one flaw or another. The important question is less “how many issues does this have?” and more “how much do these issues bother you?”. Most of the time, a show’s issues bother me somewhat, even for shows I’d generally call my favorites. There are a few exceptions to this, but one anime has stood out as nearly flawless in my mind for the last 4 years. That anime is Aria.

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[Script] The Yuri OVA that you HAVE to Watch After Devilman Crybaby!

If you’re anything like me, then you came out of Devilman Crybaby interested in looking at other works by the original mangaka, Go Nagai. Following Crybaby’s release, there’s been a lot of discussion on Nagai’s impact on anime and manga as well as the quality of his works. It’s only natural then, to try and look at those works, especially if you enjoyed Crybaby for the elements that originated in the source material.

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[Script] From Page to Screen: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Adaptations are as varied as anime itself. The art of adapting a work from one medium to another requires a series of careful decisions. By looking at how individual adaptations turn out, we can examine the priorities of the staff as well as the way in which different mediums interact.

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