[Fanfic] Comic Girls – This Date Couldn’t Get Anymore Kaotic

A date between Kaos and Ruki.

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[Script] How Does Cutie Honey Universe Stack Up?

You might remember a video I made back in mid-January. Following up on the popularity of Devilman: Crybaby, I covered Re:Cutie Honey, a great Go Nagai adaptation which also doubled as an excellent yuri anime, full of gay girls, fun action, and excellent humor. Directed by Hideaki Anno with lots of freedom given to the Gainax staff that worked on it, it’s truly a great OVA. Well, if you’re one of the 60,000 people who saw that video before it was age restricted and you remember what I said then you might’ve been curious about Cutie Honey Universe, this season’s new adaptation of Nagai’s original manga.

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[Script] The Road to My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is a great anime and manga. Bet you haven’t heard that before. At this point, HeroAca is one of the most popular series in the entirety of the medium. Everyone’s heard of it, everyone’s seen it, and everyone has an opinion on it, with most people’s being pretty positive. But how was HeroAca made? Well obviously, it’s written and drawn by mangaka Kohei Horikoshi. While it took a number of people to make this series a possibility, from assistants to editors to animators to production assistants, it’s clearly his extreme talent which has allowed it to reach the heights that it has. But like all artists, Horikoshi did not emerge from a vacuum, creating a masterpiece out of nowhere. No, his struggles to reach this point have been long and hard. The amount of effort it took to eventually become one of the top series in Weekly Shounen Jump should not be overlooked. This, here, is the story of how My Hero Academia came to be.

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[Script] Anti-War Themes Throughout Gundam

Mobile Suit Gundam is an absolutely massive franchise. To cover all of the entries, or even all of the main themes that the series ever tackles, would be an absurd undertaking. Perhaps one I’d be willing to do at some point but right now I’ve only seen a limited selection of Gundam anime and that won’t be changing any time soon. At the same time, it’s an incredibly important franchise, one which shaped the entire medium. The core themes of the series are worth investigating, even if not in a strictly chronological sense wherein we go through all of the various shows.

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[Script] Sailor Moon’s First Director Captures the Hardship of Trying Your Best

Sailor Moon had three directors across its entire run and all of them were fantastic. The first of those, Junichi Sato, was already established as a great director of kids’ anime by that point. His ability to delicately handle manga, fleshing them out while also sticking to their core, is amazing. Sailor Moon, of course, showed this off the best, as most of the episodes in that series are entirely original but he’s demonstrated this time and time again in the period since. His sense of how episodic and disconnected events can build upon characters is wonderful.

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