Yearning for Yuri: Otsu Hiyori

I’m not going to lie; I basically forgot about this until the last minute this week, and so, lacking an actual plan, I decided to merely review the works of one of my favorite yuri mangaka. Otsu Hiyori is a female yuri mangaka who’s been working in the genre for quite some time. Her art has a heavy shoujo-aesthetic, and her stories mostly follow suit. That’s not to say they’re super heavily Class S or anything; they aren’t, but her stories tend to follow general shoujo tropes and take place in high school.

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Yearning for Yuri: Wife and Wife

Yuri featuring adult characters faces a few problems. The first is that adult characters are just generally less popular in anime and manga, especially in romance. The second is that yuri, in particular, is a genre which has evolved from Class S roots, meaning that those who’ve grown up reading it are going to be used to schoolgirls, and likely write more schoolgirls as a result. Lastly, adult-focused yuri, when not just porn, is usually far too serious and dramatic. That’s not necessarily a knock; I quite enjoy my serious and dramatic stories at times. However, a lot of the time I want something a bit lighter when I read romance manga, and considering I only read yuri romance, I often find myself looking towards fluffier titles. Fortunately, Minamoto Hisanari’s Wife and Wife avoids this, portraying adult characters in an incredibly cute and fun way.

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Yearning for Yuri: Pure Water Adolescence

Pure Water Adolescence is an alright yuri manga. Really, it’s nothing special. Sure, it’s a teacher-student relationship, but those are all too common in yuri. The art doesn’t stand out, it’s not particularly well-written, and it doesn’t contain any important lessons or perspectives. I’ve highlighted a few works on here that I don’t adore, and I’ll probably continue to do so; some works are important even if I don’t think they’re all that good. But that isn’t the case here. So why am I even writing about this manga? Because it allows me to explore the realm of teacher-student relationships, an area I’ve been eager to explore for a long time.

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Yearning for Yuri: Kindred Spirits on the Roof

I said in my post on Their Story that I would be branching out beyond the narrow band that is yuri manga, into works that are yuri-adjacent, or not manga. Today’s post is looking at an example of the latter; Kindred Spirits on the Roof, a yuri visual novel released by Liar-soft in 2012 as Okujou no Yurirei-san. Kindred Spirits is a great VN and one of my favorite yuri works, and I’m excited to get into why that is.

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Yearning for Yuri: Candy

I said early on in these that I had a bit of a preference for shoujo-style yuri manga. Shoujo is, of course, the demographic from which yuri first emerged, and it’s had a notable effect on the genre in positive and negative ways. In modern times shoujo yuri tends to carry many of the genre’s more appealing elements without much of the problematic ones. The works I’ve covered have gravitated towards shoujo, largely because I’ve only written about two works with male authors, but I haven’t focused on something that’s really deeply shoujo since Kase-san. Today that changes, as I look at Candy by Yuhuko Suzuko, a female shoujo mangaka.

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Yearning for Yuri: Their Story

So far I’ve only been covering yuri manga, a distinctly Japanese genre in a Japanese medium. That’s fine, and there are plenty of great yuri manga, but if I limit myself purely to Japanese works and to manga then I’ll be leaving out a lot of good content. Yuri is a popular genre among queer women and people all around the world, and it’s had an influence on girl-girl works from many other countries. This week I’ll be looking at Their Story, or Tamen de Gushi, an excellent Chinese webcomic by Tan Jiu.

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Yearning for Yuri: Husky and Medley

Husky and Medley is incredibly unique in the field of yuri manga. Like a few other works, such as this year’s fantastic My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness, Husky and Medley is based on a true story. What makes it far more interesting is that it wasn’t written by those in the story, and was instead made using info from a series of 2ch threads. In the mid-2000s there were a number of these 2ch real-life love stories, most notably Densha Otoko, and this is the yuri version of those stories.
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Yearning for Yuri: The Other Works of Amano Shuninta

Over the past two weeks I took a look at The Feelings We All Must Endure and Ayame 14. These are two very different works, but both of them are clearly coming from the perspective of a queer woman. They’re works which are at the vanguard of the yuri genre’s current shift, and I think both are somewhat necessary reading in order to participate in the discourse on modern yuri manga. The same is not true for Amano Shuninta’s other manga. Her other works are varied, interesting, and absolutely worth reading, but they aren’t as important or relevant. It’s for that reason that I’ll talk about them all here, rather than giving them their own posts.

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Yearning for Yuri: The Feelings We All Must Endure

It’s time to take a look at another openly queer yuri mangaka. Yuri made by men and straight women can be great, but open lesbians and other queer women are obviously worth highlighting in the yuri discourse. This week I’ll be looking at Amano Shuninta’s The Feelings We All Must Endure also known as Watashi no Sekai wo Kouseisuru Chiri no You na Nani ka. Continue reading “Yearning for Yuri: The Feelings We All Must Endure”