Yearning for Yuri: Their Story

So far I’ve only been covering yuri manga, a distinctly Japanese genre in a Japanese medium. That’s fine, and there are plenty of great yuri manga, but if I limit myself purely to Japanese works and to manga then I’ll be leaving out a lot of good content. Yuri is a popular genre among queer women and people all around the world, and it’s had an influence on girl-girl works from many other countries. This week I’ll be looking at Their Story, or Tamen de Gushi, an excellent Chinese webcomic by Tan Jiu.

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Yearning for Yuri: Husky and Medley

Husky and Medley is incredibly unique in the field of yuri manga. Like a few other works, such as this year’s fantastic My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness, Husky and Medley is based on a true story. What makes it far more interesting is that it wasn’t written by those in the story, and was instead made using info from a series of 2ch threads. In the mid-2000s there were a number of these 2ch real-life love stories, most notably Densha Otoko, and this is the yuri version of those stories.
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Yearning for Yuri: The Other Works of Amano Shuninta

Over the past two weeks I took a look at The Feelings We All Must Endure and Ayame 14. These are two very different works, but both of them are clearly coming from the perspective of a queer woman. They’re works which are at the vanguard of the yuri genre’s current shift, and I think both are somewhat necessary reading in order to participate in the discourse on modern yuri manga. The same is not true for Amano Shuninta’s other manga. Her other works are varied, interesting, and absolutely worth reading, but they aren’t as important or relevant. It’s for that reason that I’ll talk about them all here, rather than giving them their own posts.

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Yearning for Yuri: The Feelings We All Must Endure

It’s time to take a look at another openly queer yuri mangaka. Yuri made by men and straight women can be great, but open lesbians and other queer women are obviously worth highlighting in the yuri discourse. This week I’ll be looking at Amano Shuninta’s The Feelings We All Must Endure also known as Watashi no Sekai wo Kouseisuru Chiri no You na Nani ka. Continue reading “Yearning for Yuri: The Feelings We All Must Endure”

Yearning for Yuri: Kashimashi

So far I’ve only covered manga that I consider to be great works. Obviously, I can never be objective, but the works I’ve covered so far were ones that I think would appeal strongly to anyone interested in reading yuri. But not all worthwhile yuri will appeal to everyone, and not all worthwhile yuri is fantastic. There’s some stuff out there which is interesting in certain ways but not amazing overall. Manga which I personally love due to some specific element that doesn’t matter to most. We’re going to be looking at one of those manga this time, in the form of 2006’s Kashimashi.

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Yearning for Yuri: Prism

This week we’re looking at Prism, a truly fantastic schoolgirl manga that ended far too soon. Prism stands out for a number of reasons, from its nice art to its concise storytelling, though most people know it for being canceled early after allegations of tracing. While that has marred its reputation and left it unfinished, it’s still very much worth reading.

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