What Makes Some Bad Shows Fun to Watch?

Almost everyone enjoys something that’s “so bad it’s good” from time to time. It’s a common activity everywhere, including in the anime community. This season I’m watching a show like this myself, sitting down every week to mock Eromanga-sensei with a friend. Making fun of bad shows is a good way to get enjoyment out of something that is otherwise unenjoyable. It serves a valuable role in expanding the amount of content you can consume, while also giving you a different way to enjoy media. Unfortunately, not all bad shows can be made fun of.

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A Silent Voice was Different from the Manga, and that’s Okay

There have been a lot of comparisons between the movie and manga versions of A Silent Voice, and to an extent that’s understandable. The movie did cut a lot of material, and I can see why that would leave some people less than happy with the adaptation. Personally though, I’m fine with the changes from the source, and I think that the cuts generally made the film a better work.

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Upcoming Changes to the Blog and my Media Consumption

I haven’t made a post in a little while, and there’s a number of reasons for that. I spent the last week on Spring Break, mostly paying Persona 5. In order to do that I put a TV in my room, and that combined with my 60 or so hours of P5 made me realize that I needed to make some massive changes to my media consumption, and with it some changes to this blog.

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Why Anime First Appealed to Me, and why I Still Watch it

As of this Spring season I’ve been an active part of the anime community for four years, and I’ve been a knowing fan of anime for around five. At this point anime seems less like an ordinary hobby I could eventually drop, and more like a permanent fixture of my life. I’ve started putting some thought into why that is, and I’ve come up with some interesting ideas. My reasons for watching have shifted a lot over the years, and I’m sure they’ll shift more in the future, but I think all those reasons are worth exploring.

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Top 10 Anime of 2016

2016 wasn’t a great year from a world-events perspective, but it was a fairly good year for my personal life, and anime played a large role in that. This is a year where I got multiple top 10 anime, and many that came close. This year’s best shows were incredibly varied in genre, and fans of anything had stuff they could love. It’s a year that reinvigorated my love for multiple franchises, and a year in which I feel as if I missed a lot even when I loved so much.

This was my favorite year of anime since joining the anime fandom, so I figured I had to make a top 10 list. This list isn’t super concrete; many of these shows could easily switch places based upon my feelings from day to day, but these are rough approximations of my general ranking. As always, this is very much based on my personal taste, and there’s no criteria. I’m just ranking my favorites of the year, and hopefully someone will enjoy seeing them. Continue reading “Top 10 Anime of 2016”

Fall 2016 Hopes and Expectations

2016 has been a good year to be. One of my top 10 shows, Amanchu aired this year, we got more Aria, and I’ve given an 8 to at least one show every season, which is far better than usual for me. Fall doesn’t look quite as good as Summer, but it has plenty of great-looking shows, and I plan on starting nearly every non-sequel. I’ve narrowed down the list of shows I’m checking out to the ten I’m most anticipating.

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