Writing Outside My Niche Is Hard

Anime, games, and other aspects of otaku culture are by far the subject I’m most interested in. The vast majority of my free time is spent thinking about or consuming things that fall within the broader category of 2D culture. I think it’s pretty normal to focus primarily on one area of interest, especially when that interest has such a bustling fandom as anime. It’s easy to fall into a bubble where anime is all I think about. At the same time, otaku media isn’t my only area of interest. I do enjoy things that are totally unrelated to 2D media and Japan.

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All the Games I Want to Play are Too Long

I think everyone can accept the fact that they have limited time on their hands. This tends to lead to the prioritization of certain hobbies, something everyone does all the time. At the same time, most people have multiple hobbies that they move between, preventing serious boredom with their main hobby by varying things up every once-in-a-while. As should be obvious, anime and its surrounding culture is my main hobby and interest, and most of my free time gets devoted to it. As is normal for people my age, gaming is another hobby of mine, one that I’ve enjoyed ever since I was a young kid. Unfortunately, I’ve run into a major issue over the last few years: almost all the games I want to play are long.

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How Much Should I Care About Views?

It’s a question I’ve been asking myself for a while. My traffic has been steadily increasing for a while but it’s really ballooned over the past month, to the point that my viewcount this month is already more than ten times what it was in January. I’m happy that more people are reading my work, but it’s forcing me to ask some questions about why I write and who I write for.

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Categorization Consumes Me

Making lists and categorizing things is something I’ve always loved. Even as a kid, when all I had was a meager selection of GBA games, I constantly made lists ranking my favorite ones. I never cared that much about the numeric scores assigned to things: it was always about the fun of making the list itself. I read other peoples’ lists as well, but the joy of making my own was always the main appeal for me.

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My Thoughts on Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale, and on the Series as a Whole

I can’t say I enjoyed watching the Sword Art Online movie itself. I very much enjoyed the act of watching it, but that came down to making fun of it with a friend while a theater full of huge fans was cheering at every moment. The environment I was in made the movie-going experience incredibly fun, but the actual movie itself couldn’t live up to the fun I had in the theater. Funnily enough, I went in expecting it to be worse than it actually was. I was expecting to hate it, as I hate most of the show, but I came out thinking it was just pretty bad, maybe even mediocre, and there’s a major reason for that.

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I’ve Discovered the Importance of Rewatches

Up until the last week or so I had never re-watched an anime during the in which I would call myself an anime fan. As I’ve become more critical about the anime I’ve watched I’ve had a growing desire to talk about some of my favorite shows, but many of those I watched a year and a half or more ago. Since I felt like writing about them, I finally decided to begin re-watching Aria and K-On!, so that I could further flesh out my opinions on them and ensure they’re still my favorites. From the first episodes of each I’ve learned a lot about re-watching shows and why it’s important.

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