Anime of the Year 2017

2017 is probably my favorite year in anime for as long as I’ve been watching it seasonally. I can easily see how it would have little to offer those not interested in certain genres and franchises but it easily beat 2016 for me and I thought 2016 was quite good. To put it into context, I gave 5 TV anime a 9 or above last year. 10 TV anime are getting a 9 or above this year. This good of a year doesn’t come often so I want to celebrate it.

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Yuri Visual Novel Review: SeaBed

For full disclosure, I played this game using a free review copy provided to me by Fruitbat Factory.

Seabed is a yuri mystery visual novel, developed by Paleontology Soft and published by Fruitbat Factory. It primarily focuses on the story of three women as they go about their daily lives. These women are Sachiko, an introverted lover of books, Takako, an energetic woman who rarely thinks before acting, and Narakaski, a childhood friend of the two who meets Sachiko again as a psychologist. The central thrust of the plot is Sachiko’s grieving after Takako’s disappearance. From there, the story unfolds.

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Don’t Throw Class S Out Entirely

Class S has become something of a pejorative, for understandable reasons. Its intense focus on intimate relationships without any clear romance or pay-off is quite outdated, and while its influence on yuri is massive, the genre is only now stepping out of its shadow. For a long time, the fact that yuri stories followed a Class S template was a very bad thing. I’m just as happy as anyone that the situation has changed, allowing for more openly queer works in the genre. But I do have a problem with people who act as if Class S is not only outdated but a total negative in every way.

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Healthy Sexuality in Flip Flappers and Kase-san

Yuri is obviously something I’m deeply interested in. I’m quite happy that the genre has undergone a shift over the last decade, leading to stories that more clearly portray their characters as queer, as well as an increase in stories that allow the characters to have sex. This is a great trend that you can see across yuri manga, but there are two recent series that really do a great job of showcasing sexuality in different ways: Flip Flappers and Kase-san.

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Top 30 Anime

A little under a year ago I published a list of my Top 25 anime. While it was accurate at the time, it’s been a while, and my opinions have certainly shifted in that period. I’ve watched more anime now, so I figured I might as well raise the number, and here I am with a new and improved Top 30. Most shows could shift up or down a few points based on my whims, and there are plenty of shows that would likely rank on here if I rewatched them, but there’s no helping that. I’ll never watch everything I love within a few years. This is the most accurate list I can make for myself right now, and I hope you enjoy it.

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The Lack of Info on Anime is Infuriating

I know a lot of people don’t care very much, but I want to know as much as I can about anime and its surrounding culture. I’m willing to admit that I haven’t done as much research as I can, but I tend to consider myself fairly well-read when it comes to the broader otaku culture, especially in regards to my specific areas of interest. I want to know a lot about anime, and I’ve been finding more and more lately that it can be really hard to get the info I want.

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Nichijou Really Highlights Anime’s Mediocre Comedy

I finished rewatching Nichijou recently, and I’m happy to report back that it is indeed one of anime’s best comedies. I was worried a bit, having watched it when I was newer to anime, but I was incredibly satisfied watching it again. Over time I’ve actually come to like anime comedy more, adjusting to certain Japanese humor trends and finding comfort in the somewhat stale jokes that are so rampant.

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