Why I Love It: Kyousougiga and the Power of Love

Kyousougiga is a show about love. Love can come in many forms, but Kyousougiga focuses on two in particular: familial love and self-love. Kyousougiga is a very focused show, committed to showing how the power of love influences one family, and how that family influences the world around them. It’s a show that focuses on love as a powerful force, and this begins with its focus on the individual characters.

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Why I Love It: Hidamari Sketch’s Indecision and Appreciation

Art comes in many forms. It can be conveyed through text, through audio, through visuals, and through many other forms as well. Art is extremely important to people, even if that importance is expressed in many different ways. I find joy in the consumption of all kinds of art, though when expressing my artistic ideas I prefer to do so through writing. The girls of Hidamari Apartments mostly focus on drawing and painting in order to communicate their art, but the show celebrates many types of interests and mediums through its calm slice-of-life setting at an art-focused high school, and I relate to it heavily.

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Why I Love It – Shirobako’s Embrace of Anime

This is probably obvious, but I love anime. It’s a medium that’s had a major influence on my life, and I’m proud to call it my favorite artistic medium. It’s taught me new things about myself, about the world, and about what I want to do. If it weren’t for anime, I don’t know if I would have decided to seriously work on my writing. Anime is something I have an incredible passion for, and it’s something I love from the bottom of my heart.

I feel a sense of kinship with Shirobako in this regard, because Shirobako truly loves anime as well. Everything about Shirobako is set up to prove that anime is valuable, that anime is something which deserves to exist, and that those who love it are right in caring about it. Shirobako values those who create anime and those who watch it, it values anime made thirty years ago and anime made now. Shirobako wholeheartedly loves the medium, just as much if not more so than I do, and it shows that love in too many ways to count, but I’ll at least attempt to do so.

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Why I Love It – Haibane Renmei’s Quiet Atmosphere

Haibane Renmei is an anime which lives and dies on the execution of its atmosphere. I wouldn’t quite call it an iyashikei, but it certainly shares elements with the genre, and like many iyashikei shows it focuses heavily on creating an atmosphere you can easily immerse yourself in. This atmosphere is used to great effect in exploring the show’s themes, and by focusing on it so heavily, the show is able to remain incredibly tonally consistent. What really makes it stand out though is that it’s consistent in spite of major tone shifts. It’s this ability to subtly change the atmosphere while maintaining the feeling of a coherent whole, that makes Haibane Renmei one of my favorites.

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Why I love it – Monogatari’s Characterization

The Monogatari series is far from perfect. It’s a show which is overly sexualized, overly wordy, and overly indulgent. I can hardly watch two episodes without groaning at some minor aspect of it. Despite that, it’s managed to become one of my favorite anime, even through multiple watches. What makes the series so enjoyable and valuable in spite of all the flaws is the characters and their interactions.

What makes Monogatari stand out among many other shows is that unlike many similar dialogue-heavy light novels, the show possesses strong character voice. The many important characters in Monogatari are meaningfully unique people who are more than archetypes, and this comes through in the show’s many conversations. The dialogue is always full of unique interactions that lead to one of the most memorable casts in anime. I’ll go through all the important characters thus far to explain why they mean so much to me.

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