Yearning for Yuri: Wife and Wife

Yuri featuring adult characters faces a few problems. The first is that adult characters are just generally less popular in anime and manga, especially in romance. The second is that yuri, in particular, is a genre which has evolved from Class S roots, meaning that those who’ve grown up reading it are going to be used to schoolgirls, and likely write more schoolgirls as a result. Lastly, adult-focused yuri, when not just porn, is usually far too serious and dramatic. That’s not necessarily a knock; I quite enjoy my serious and dramatic stories at times. However, a lot of the time I want something a bit lighter when I read romance manga, and considering I only read yuri romance, I often find myself looking towards fluffier titles. Fortunately, Minamoto Hisanari’s Wife and Wife avoids this, portraying adult characters in an incredibly cute and fun way.

Wife and Wife centers two women who live together. They aren’t technically wives of course, as same-gender marriage isn’t legal in Japan, but they certainly serve the role of wives. We mostly get to see them spending their days going about their business and being in love with one another without much in the way of conflict, which is a sight for sore eyes when it comes to adult-focused yuri.

Along the way, we see a number of other gay women, including the sister of one of our leads as well as other couples and characters. Our leads get the most focus, but these women get enough to feel like individuals, and at times they even get their own arcs.

Like I said, it’s mostly a very fluffy manga, but it does have a bit of drama. That drama usually has nothing to do with our leads, since they’re both absurdly happy, so it usually focuses on the sister. Despite this, even the more dramatic chapters never feel too serious. It uses comedy to undercut its drama and keep it more light-hearted, something I really appreciate.

One reason Wife and Wife gains a lot of points in my book is portraying happy, domestic life. Other yuri that does that exists, but it’s really not all that common. As I’ve said, most yuri manga focused on adults isn’t particularly happy, and most of it isn’t even particularly domestic. I’m honestly not particularly fond of the idea of a domestic life for myself, but I love stories that allow characters to participate in that lifestyle if they want to, especially when it isn’t technically legal.

Everything about this manga is cute. The art is, of course, wonderfully. The large eyes and soft designs are immediately appealing and quite reminiscent of Fujieda Miyabi’s great work. The designs are distinctive but understated; all the clothes feel like clothes real people could be wearing, even if they aren’t necessarily clothes one would wear all the time. The stories are all really cute, particularly the ending in which our two leads simulate a wedding. It’s just a very cute manga that’s almost certain to put you in a good mood.

At two volumes the manga is a decent length for a comedy series, though I do wish there were a bit more. Regardless, it’s a great manga for those who like adorable romance or adult characters, and it’s particularly great for those like myself who like both.


2 thoughts on “Yearning for Yuri: Wife and Wife

  1. I absolutely loved Wife & Wife, even the most minute of details really make it stand out as a great manga, I’d love if it got an adaptation of some variety, even if it’s just shorts.

    Wife & Wife really is the purest yuri I’ve ever read, it’s like wholesome incarnate and it’s adorable and I love it.

    And, and..

    It’s good.


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