My Favorite Ships Part 2: Unforgettable Ships

The first of these got a positive reaction and I was eager to write this one, so after only one day here’s the second of my three favorite ship posts. This one’s a bit longer despite having fewer ships, largely because I care more about them, so I expect the next one to be even longer. Enjoy!



Isaac x Miria: I don’t think I need to put a ton of explanation into this one. These two lovable dorks are the most memorable and lovable aspect of Baccano, and it’s hard to imagine the show without them. This pair of inseparable idiots are so consistently funny and cute that they single-handedly relieve any of the show’s dramatic tension, and they’re so close that they almost come across as the same people.

Hidamari Sketch


Hiro x Sae: Here comes another Kirara manga. While Hiro and Sae might not be canonically in a relationship it’s pretty clear how Ume Aoki sees them. These two absolutely play the parental role for Hidamari Apartments, with Hiro taking the motherly role while Sae takes the fatherly role. Their primary concern when it comes to graduating is the fact that their paths will take them to different schools, and they go so far as to move in with each other when in college anyway. The only reason they’re not actively dating is that they’re clearly both too nervous to ask the other out, but it’s sure to happen someday.

HM: Yuno x Miyako, Nori x Nazuna: I don’t ship these as vigorously as Hiro and Sae, but they’re still pretty cute. Yuno and Miyako began their relationship by bathing together, and as time’s gone on they’ve only gotten closer. Nori works really well for Nazuna, as she helps her to be more self-confident. Both of these ships just seem like natural fits, even if their feelings aren’t as strong as Hiro and Sae.

Little Witch Academia


Diana x Akko: I vaguely liked this after the OVAs, but it’s really a combination of the show and subsequent fanart that made me fall in love with them so much. They already had a nice dynamic since it was clear they both liked Chariot in the past, but the show made Diana noticeably nicer to Akko, and that’s what gave room for this ship to blossom. Particularly stand-out are the episodes Akko spends at Diana’s home, the scene where Diana explains how she recovered her magic after Chariot drained it, and the final scene in which they work together to stop the rocket. These moments sowed my interest, and the massive amount of fanart of the two has sealed them for me. The contrast between their backgrounds gives them a unique chemistry, but their clear care for one another at this point is what really cements it.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid


Kobayashi x Tohru: Look, I can’t dislike a pair of gay moms, it’s just not in my nature. I’ve written an entire piece about why I love their relationship, but I’ll sum it up here: I love the way they help one another. Aside from their overflowing love for Kanna, the way that Tohru helps Kobayashi to really enjoy her life and the company of other for the first time is truly wonderful. They haven’t reached the point yet wherein they’re actually in a romantic relationship; Kobayashi still has a hard time opening up to people. But Tohru’s love is enduring and Kobayashi clearly only needs time in order to feel comfortable with more direct expressions of love. And again, they’re part of one big, happy, gay family. What’s not to love?

New Game


Kou x Rin: I feel so, so bad for Rin. Her feelings are so obvious and yet Kou is an absolute idiot. Still, I’m really fond of this ship. Kou clearly does reciprocate Rin’s feelings to some extent, even if she isn’t aware of that. We see as much in the episodes where they’re sick, as they’re quick to take care of each other. That’s true at other times too; Rin has a strong motherly aura to her that really takes over when Kou needs help, and it’s adorable. Unlike in a lot of Kirara manga, almost all the crushes in this story are outright stated to be present, so I’m fairly hopeful that Rin will catch a break near the end of the series. For now, I’m content with shipping them.

HM: Hifumi x Aoba, Hajime x Yun, Umiko x Nene: This series is too gay to keep track of all the possible couples but these ones are all relevant and great. Aoba and Hifumi are obvious and have only become better as Hifumi started getting more screen time. They make a great pair and Hifumi is much more able to relax when around Aoba, which is very cute. Hajime and Yun sometimes feel a bit like “pair the spares” but Hajime serves an excellent role as another older sister for Yun’s siblings. Hajime’s dorkiness works well with Yun’s more refined, gothic lolita persona, and together I think they’d be great. Umiko and Nene should be fairly obvious; their combined interest in programming is great, and Nene really brings out Umiko’s often hidden kindness. They’re both adorable together and I need more of them.

Nier: Automata


2B x 9S: Look, I just want 9S to be happy, okay. He went through a lot, and while he might’ve done a lot wrong he deserves to be happy. 2B does as well, since she clearly cares for him a lot as well, even if she usually tries to hide it. This ship is what drove my interest in 9S and elevated him to perhaps my favorite male character in fiction because it’s just that good. There’s a lot of other reasons I like it, from the height gap to them both being very nice to look at, but ultimately I just want my kids to be happy, you know?

HM: 2B x A2, 2B x 60: I might want 9S to be happy, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want other androids to be happy as well. I see no reason to believe that android views on sexuality and gender are particularly similar to human views, especially after they stop trying to copy humans just to do so. For that reason, I’m perfectly happy shipping 2B with these two as well. It might be a bit weird with A2, but 60 clearly has a bit of a crush on 2B already, so I can easily see that one happening.



Protagonist(Female) x Lillie: I was really surprised to like this ship as much as I do, but it’s really great. Most of my historic Pokemon ships aren’t that serious; the games usually don’t do much to push any relationships. Becasue of that, I was incredibly happy to see how much focus Lillie got in Sun and Moon, and to see how easy it was to pair her with the protagonist(who is a girl, of course). Lillie’s growth from a shy girl trapped in her mother’s shadow to someone willing to actively fight said mother and go on a journey to Kanto was wonderful, and I can’t imagine it happening without the protagonist. They’re incredibly cute, particularly in Ooshima Tomo’s doujin for them, and they’ll be my favorite for a while.

Revolutionary Girl Utena


Utena x Anthy: These two are just so good together. While both have their issues, particularly Anthy, they’re ultimately a positive influence on one another’s lives, to the point that Utena is the only reason Anthy doesn’t kill herself within the series. Their relationship is more explicit in the movie, but even in the series, it’s clear that they deeply care for one another, even when Anthy feels forced to betray Utena. I particularly enjoy how they end the series; Utena escapes Ohtori and Anthy is quick to go searching for her. They certainly have their ups and downs, but they matter to each other a lot, and I think it’s fair to say that a huge amount of their personalities hinges on this ship.



Aoi x Erika: This isn’t a particularly popular ship, but I’m quite fond of it. Erika serves as a strong mentor for Aoi without really being in power over her, something which is really rare. She comes through for Erika when she needs it, but at the same time, Aoi is able to support her as well when she’s unable to work. This healthy cooperation provides a great dynamic from which to ship them, something I’ll happily do. That said, the doujin “The Long Wait is Over” is what really made me fall in love with this ship, so search that out if you haven’t read it. It showed how cute they can be together, something I took into account when I rewatched the show, and I’ve loved them ever since.



Okabe x Kurisu:  Look, okay, they’re cute. I don’t have a ton to say, the anime is a romance, everyone knows why they’re cute. I’m getting to the end of this thing and I want it out today so just accept that I like them.



Hibiki x Miku: If I were to describe these two it would be younger, dumber Nanoha and Fate(who I’ll be getting to next time). They’re absolutely adorable and perfect for one another. As Hibiki often says, Miku is her sunshine, and when I watch Symphogear their relationship is my sunshine. Miku has convinced Hibiki to fight on almost every season now, and while we never see any kisses or anything, they’re far from hiding this relationship. Hibiki would be a far worse character if she didn’t have Miku, and I think that’s enough to explain why I love this ship.

HM: Shirabe x Kirika: These two are even more explicit than Hibiki and Miku somehow, though they’re not nearly as interesting or integral. They are adorable though, and I want it to be known that I do really like their relationship. It’s just that I see them as dating, whereas I see Hibiki and Miku as outright married.

And that’s it for today. With any luck, the final part will be out Wednesday, but it might be Friday instead, depending on how quickly I can write it. Look forward to it!


9 thoughts on “My Favorite Ships Part 2: Unforgettable Ships

  1. I’m quite fond of a lot of these myself. Of all my preferred ships, Nori/Nazuna might be the one with the most lopsided ratio of screentime to potency, lol. That like 3 second scene of them together at the folk dance was fucking great.

    Little baffled Aoi/Erika doesn’t get more love from the fandom, tbh. I know that the show doesn’t push it super hard or anything, but basically all the fan material of it I’ve seen is fucking dynamite.


    1. I definitely hope that in the eventual(hopefully) season 2 of Shirobako that we get more of them together.

      I’ve heard that Hidamari’s ships only get more potent in the manga chapters after graduation, though I haven’t read them and am still hopeful that one day we’ll get another season.


  2. Isaac x Miria!!!! 10/10 Best list, ‘nough said. 😀

    Other ones on the list like Steins;Gate are good too I guess 😛 Also, somebody who knows Symphogear! Impressed. Enjoyed reading.


  3. Isaac x Miria, Kobayashi x Tohru, Aoi x Erika, Okabe x Kurisu. Mhmm. These are delicious ships indeed.

    I can’t speak on behalf of the shows/games I have yet to experience myself, but I’d like to imagine myself as heavily agreeing with the ones for New Game! and LWA (I hope to get to them this year ASAP).

    That said, considering your inclusion of video game ships, I wonder what your favourites in the Fire Emblem series are, since the games have a mechanic literally built around shipping characters together. Anyway, looking forward to the next one!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I must admit that I haven’t played much Fire Emblem, so I don’t have much in the way of ships for that series. I also left off media that doesn’t seem too anime, but I figured that some games were close enough to fit.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s fair. Though I would consider them fairly anime, speaking in aesthetic terms, at least.

        Admittedly, I still have yet to beat a Fire Emblem game (not that they’re too hard, just that I turn it off everytime someone dies and never come back lol *sob*).


    1. Yeah, it’s an amazing doujin, one of my favorites. The author has other Shirobako doujins but they aren’t online, hopefully a translator bought them and will get to them someday.

      Liked by 1 person

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