What Value does Yuri Subtext have in Anime?

As I said in my post on the topic, yuri anime is incredibly rare. That’s just an unfortunate fact that any fan of yuri has to put up with. But while yuri anime is barely present, yuri is hardly uncommon in anime. In fact, it’s startlingly common in the form of subtext. I’d be willing to bet that somewhere between four and five shows have clear yuri subtext every season, if not more. Hell, it’s practically a requirement for the CGDCT genre. There’s a diverse set of opinions about how yuri fans should approach the subject of subtext and I plan on covering my ideas on the topic here.

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The Joy of Collecting: Why I Still Buy Physical Media

We live in an age where everything can be found online. There are legal streams for almost every anime on the day of release, e-book distributors for manga in both English and Japanese, and thousands of websites allowing us to easily buy or stream music. Sure, there are a few things here and there that we can’t legally obtain online, but in those cases, we have torrents and other sources to bring us the unlicensed content. There’s nothing stopping us from consuming all of our media online and many already do so. And yet, I still buy tons of physical media. In fact, physical media makes up the bulk of my purchases. It’s not necessary, so why do I still do this in this digital age we live in?

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