Quick Update on The Near Future of the Blog

Very soon, in about a week, I’ll be moving across the country with my family. I’m pretty happy to be moving back to California, but it’s going to cause some changes to my life, and those changes will, at least to some extent, affect this blog. I figured I should probably give a heads-up about it, especially since I have some actual plans for what direction I want to move in from here on out.

Firstly, my output rate will go down. I might still post three things in a week, as I have a small backlog of posts written, but I’m not satisfied with all of them and I’ve almost run out. Because of that, my output rate will drop to two guaranteed posts a week, with more if I have any available. This is a change that’ll probably last even when I get settled: I’ve grown to the point that I don’t need to make three posts a week in order to sustain my viewership anymore.

What I can promise is that I’ll still have a Yearning for Yuri every week. I really enjoy writing those, I think it serves an important role, and I’ve read enough yuri manga to last me at least through 2017. I have no idea what my other posts will be like beyond a few weeks into the future, but I’ll make sure I’m proud of all of them. I generally like my posts but recently a few haven’t quite been up to my standards, and with one post less a week I’ll be able to devote more time to putting out content I’m really fond of.

Now, in regards to my plans for the slightly longer-term future. As I said in my recent post on blogging and YouTube, I plan on starting a YouTube channel somewhat soon. I recently graduated high school and am taking a gap year because school sucks, so I certainly have the time to get a channel running. I have some things I need to work on before I get around to it, but my current hope is that I can start this channel in October or so. Earlier is good, but I don’t expect that to actually happen.

Once I get my YouTube channel up I’ll be using it for posts that I think can get views, basically. I’ll be transferring some of my past posts into video form, and essays or analysis on more popular shows will go there instead of here. The great benefit of YouTube is drastically increased viewership, and I plan on utilizing that viewership. I want a lot of my ideas to spread, and that, unfortunately, won’t happen if I stick solely to this blog.

Additionally, a channel would, at least marginally, boost viewership of this blog. I plan on using the blog as a place to post the text versions of my videos, but more than that, I plan to continue running it. There are posts of mine that really would not translate well into video. My Yearning for Yuri posts could kind of translate, but editing manga videos sounds like a massive pain when it isn’t necessary. I have shorter thoughts and opinions that wouldn’t work very well for scripted, edited YouTube videos, and I’m not very interested in making a vlogging channel. For that reason, this blog will stay active even if/when I make my channel, since it allows for different types of content.

So anyways, posts will slow down. It’ll give me more time to make better content and more time to consume media, which is kind of necessary to keep posting. I think the changes I’ll be making will be ultimately positive for me, but we’ll see. It’ll definitely relieve some pressure for now.


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